Red List of Threatened Birds

natur&ëmwelt compiles and updates the Red List of Breeding Birds of Luxembourg using the same criteria as the IUCN. > Click here


First official list of Luxemburgish bird names

> Vullenimm 2014

> Vullenimm 2014 (alphabetesch, den däitschen Nimm no hannerenee gesat)



> Link to the Checklist of Luxembourgish birds



The Luxembourg Rarities Committee is a member of the Association of European Records and Rarities Committees ( The LHK reviews sightings of rare bird species in Luxembourg and publishes them regularly in Regulus – Wissenschaftliche Berichte. To find out which species must be reported to the LHK, please consult the checklist of Luxembourgish birds.

> Rare bird species in Luxembourg 2011-2013, report of the Luxembourg Rarities Committee